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Green Team Providence

The power of the people, silkscreen printed reusable bag, 2019

The result of a six part student-led product design, graphic design and printmaking workshop.

Lizzy Sour

AS220 Mural

Senior thesis project for the Met High School.
Mural with mixed media, silkscreened prints wheat-pasted prints, acrylic paint designs alongside. Made in 2017, located inside the AS220 Industries in the Media Labs room. 2017 time lapse video

Book Arts

Malery Nguyen

Collecting Home
handmade banana leaf paper, tunnel and multi-panel accordion book, inkjet prints, 2019

Kearney McDonnell

Dad and Therapy
oil paintings on vellum, charcoal, board and fabric, 2016

Yebin So

Flower Fold accordion book with hand cut popups, 2016

Cross Process

Sophie Schwartz

Cross Process
Van Dyke Brown Prints and Cyanotype Prints on Verso. 4.5″ x 8.5″ x 12″

This book was exhibited in the 36th Annual Juried Student Exhibition at the Bell Gallery at Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island in 2016 and won the second place prize, 2015 additional photos

Kat Chavez

Hasta Luego
Silkscreen, linoleum, and polymer plate prints on paper, board and fabric, 2016 Video of book

Ming Phomsouvannady

Number Search
laser-cut paper, woven book structure, 2016

Danny Sobor


Inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Bardo’s narrative follows a person’s death, experience of “ultimate reality” and rebirth. The first and last pages connect, creating a continuous loop when the book stands in a circle. Ten page linocut accordion book printed on Rives BFK cream paper using a Vandercook printing press. Backs of pages patterned with a handcut stencil and aerosol paint. Edition of 12. additional images

Jess Artigliere

Book of CrystalsFlower fold accordion book


Web Publications

Racsa Soun

The Adventures of Red an interactive web-publication, senior capstone project. HTML, CSS & SVG animations. Best viewed on desktop. 2018. process work

Jared Christiansen

Portfolio Site 2018

Hand coded, highly interactive portfolio site built with HTML, CSS and Javascript

Tri Mai

Unsung Heros

A publication celebrating Asian’s underrepresented soccer players.

Motion Graphics

Lilia Nguyen

Sound-based animation2018

Music video for Solo by Jennie | Korean words with English translation

Kyle Richer

Do Better Next Time

Experimentation with typeface design, illustration and kinetic typography, 2018

Everett Klien

Strips in Sequence

Experimentation with frame by frame animation, figure/ground relationships, 2019