Week one: Introductions

Class 01 | Wednesday, Jan 22nd

  • Welcomes
  • Meet and Greet
  • Syllabus review | portfolio development course, how to think in motion
  • 12 Principles of Animation video & post
  • cyclical animation principles
  • sketch concepts for google icon in motion
  • download stopmotion app, turn one sketch into a stop motion animation
  • what is a proof of concept?

ASSIGNMENT: animated icon


Week two: animation principles

Class 02 | Monday, Jan 27th

  • Meet with virtual reality class to review chair assignment
  • Homework review – which of your concepts are you the most excited about? Which of the 12 principles of animation does it relate to?
  • students develop icon animations while Lara checks in with students



Class 03 | Wednesday, Jan 29th

  • students meet with Virtual Reality class to watch movie inspiration


  • second draft of google icon
  • research for HUD assignment

Week Three: After Effects

Class 04 | Monday, Feb 3rd

Introduction to After Effects

  • the After Effects workspace
  • individual checkins
  • in class work time of google icon and HUD assignment


  • concept art of hud
  • proof of concept, icon in motion
  • define 8 after effects vocabulary words in your own definition


Class 05 | Wednesday, Feb 5th

  • group review of google icon assignment
  • group review of hud concepts

Review of Nā Manu `I`o (Significant Birds) & Full Moon Market Promotional video, 2016


  • complete google icon assignment
  • second draft of HUD with cohesive class visual vocabulary

Class 06 | Monday, Feb 10th


  • upload google icon animation

Class 07 | Wednesday, Feb 12th


Class 08 | Tuesday, Feb 18


  • continue to develop cyclical animation

Class 09 | Wednesday, Feb 19th

  • three students to present
  • develop presentations to VR


  • create proof of concept for cyclical animation, due Monday

Monday, February 25th

Class 10 | Monday, Feb 24th


  • develop animations
  • read two articles one two

Class 11 | Wednesday, Feb 26th

  • presentation to Virtual Reality course
  • open lab time



Homework: finish identity assignment

Class 12 | Monday, March 2nd

  • Brighter Future assignment
  • identity assignment work day, Lara to check in with people individually

Class 13 | Wednesday, March 4th

  • cyclical animation due – project presentations, review
  • identity proof of concept due in process review

Homework: finish brighter futures assignment, develop identity in motion


Class 14 – Monday, March 16th

Inspirational artist 


https://ztul.itch.io/the-uncle-who-works-for-nintendo (uses sound)


watch user centered design video

develop first draft of concept

Class 15| Wednesday, March 18th

  • sound, proof of concept due
  • sound layering with after effects/premiere 
  • assignment: final project


  • develop proposal (2 paragraphs) for final project
  • develop sound assignment

Week Eight: Lights, Cameras and Sound

Class 16 | Monday, March 23rd

  • Course changes

Class 17 | Wednesday, March 25th

Week Nine: Graph editor and expressions

Class 18 – Monday, March 30th

  • Project Inspiration – Tristan Rodman (a hypertext record)
  • Self promo piece – Moon Method
  • graph editor and expressions demonstration
  • Lara meet individually with 1/2 of students

Class 19 | Wednesday, April 1st

  • work day, Lara to meet individually with student to discuss semester progress

Week Ten: Masking

Class 20 | Monday, April 6th 

  • Masking
  • students present one finished piece
  • work day

Class 21 | Wednesday, April 8th

Homework: major development on one project

Week Eleven: Video

Class 22 | Monday, April 15th

  • students present next project in development
  • video production handout | video 10:00
  • the adobe premier workspace, basics of program video 10:00
  • HUD, project time

Class 23 | Wednesday, April 17th

  • students to meet in small groups to review project progress

Week Twelve: Text Animator

Class 24 – Wednesday, April 22nd

  • text animators
  • troubleshooting in groups, Lara meeting with students individually

Class 25 – Monday, April 27th

  • half of students to present progress
  • troubleshooting in groups, Lara meeting with students individually

Class 27 – Wednesday, April 29th

  • half of students to present progress
  • troubleshooting in groups, Lara meeting with students individually


Tuesday, May 5th 11:30-2pm

  • Review of edits to projects as links & any revised previous projects due 
  • all deployed to github, class drive or as live urls