NameTitleEmailWebsiteSocial media

One of the most important things you will do in this course is build an identity system for yourself. This branding will carry across to your resume and portfolio site.

Assignment | Develop content and a visual style for a business card. Design both a front and back (verso and recto) of the card. Start with a card that is 3.5″x 2″, however you may change page proportions at any time.

Learning outcomes | Students will develop a clear typographic system, a cohesive visual language and learn the basics of digital color as they build a unique palette. This assignment will introduce students to the power of html and css as they create screen-based, hyperlinked documents


  • name (h1)
  • title (h2)
  • website (link, can be image or text)
  • social media (link, can be image or text)
  • email (link, can be image or text)

Design process

  • wireframes
  • high fidelity mockups in indesign
  • html, css (javascript optional)