Brighter Future

Week long assignment

Develop a concept two color design to turn into a motion graphic contributes positively to society. Think of the audience you are designing for. Who is this design for? How will they benefit from your message?

The design will be graphic and will utilize two colors and the third color they make when they blend. Use markers, paper and acetate to prototype. Use the svg file format to create the image, animate.css library for motion design.

Possible direction for messages can be following areas:

  • reading & writing skills
  • land & property acquisition
  • disaster preparation
  • historical education
  • first aid & CPR
  • childcare & parenting tips
  • business development
  • financial literacy
  • fundraising techniques
  • foreign language education
  • therapy, counseling & coaching
  • geopolitical & political education
  • dietary & culinary education
  • agricultural & botanical education

Goals of the project

  • Experience with web development, SVG animations, RGBA color palettes and color theory
  • Motion design
  • design for social justice

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